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Why You Should Have Your E-Commerce Website in Magento

Why You Should Have Your E-Commerce Website in Magento
By Madhumay Mallik

The moment e-commerce was introduced into mainstream shopping, the very nature of buying and selling changed. Several factors including the convenience attached to online shopping and the lack of time to actually go shopping has led to the increasing craze of e-commerce sites. While a number of sites are being introduced into the web sphere each day, there are only a few who do the maximum business and have made an identity of their own. The best of the shopping platforms are created using a Magento application.

While there are several platforms available for developing an exciting shopping cart experience for customers, Magento happens to be the most trusted one and widely used. There are several reasons to it.

Magento store

The magneto store is equipped with a variety of features. While add-ons and newer applications are being made every day, they are also available to user either for free or at some price. They could be highly efficient to create a more engaging experience for your customers and help you create a more credible market reach. Since this is an open source web platform, one has full flexibility to modify the look, functionality and content of the store.

Detailed feedback reports

Being integrated with applications like Google analytics one can use the admin panel to get detailed sales reports of your business. This ensures that you have a clear idea as to what can give the extra edge to your business. Tax reports, stock reports, product reports, total invoiced sales, total refunded sales, coupon report, catalogue report help your strategize your business and make full use of the trends in the market. The interface of these reports and the comparison between various conditions can be effectively seen via the feedback applications that Magento provides. Thus it is recommended that you upgrade your Magento Website for better sales.

Excellent customer service

E-commerce platforms built on Magento guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. With easy to use features, customers can keep track of every record that they are engaged in. The admin panel gives them the flexibility to modify orders. They can also track the shipping and postage.

SEO Magento design

Using a Magento platform inevitably increases the rankings of the business and a wider audience can be expected. Being supported by all linguistic bases all over the world, business of one country can reach out to people of another country in their own language. This does increase the marketability of the product breaking international boundaries.


Magento allows businesses to reach out to customers anytime, anywhere and at any place. The mobile source code makes it compatible with Android, iPad, iPhone and other platforms. Thus there is no need of a physical store. Working on the web platform also substantially reduces the investment associated with any business.

All of these and several other characteristics make Magento the most suitable platform for e-business. Upgrade your Magento Website for better sales and growth.

Madhumay Mallik is a SEO expert providing Magento e-commerce support which covers Professional Magento Services and other added services.

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