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Why Google Penalized BBC News

When a start up acquires a penalty from Google, the story is totally ignored and abandoned. But when a popular brand gets penalised for violating website guidelines, everyone from the SEO industry gets conscious and alarmed. BBC News, one of the biggest news organisations in the world today, overwhelmed everyone with the news that it received a link penalty from Google.

BBC’s representative, Nick, contacted Google after receiving a notification of unnatural link activity. He asked the help of Google to determine the unnatural links associated with the BBC site. BBC’s online dilemma roused the curiosity of many analysts. Many questions were formulated: Why would a gigantic corporation with a credible backlink profile receive a Google penalty? What was BBC’s error?

Google’s John Mueller provided some insight to what really occurred. Apparently, Google only took action against a single page on the BBC site. Mueller confirmed that a specific BBC article page received a penalty because it contained unnatural links. Interestingly, Mueller added the penalty only had a granular impact on the ranking of the entire BBC platform.

BBC’s link penalty, according to SEO experts, may invite different interpretations. Google supporters say that this act of penalising a corporate giant like BBC deserves praise. This move only underlined Google’s fair approach to site penalties and its dedication to pursue online brands, both big and small, that decline to commit to its austere Web guidelines. Google detractors, on the other hand, choose to see the recent penalty on BBC as unfair and biased. In contrast to the type of penalties received by small and medium online enterprises, BBC’s penalty was severely downplayed. According to critics, the search engine optimization strategy of BBC must have been assessed sternly and not taken lightly.

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