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Why Brochures are Still Good Marketing Tools

In today’s world of technology, brochures may seem like they’ve been phased out in lieu of digital ads and websites. However, brochures still hold many benefits for numerous businesses.


You can either make your own brochures or enlist the help of a printing company to help you with this task. Either way, the costs involved are very reasonable. Making digital ads or websites almost always requires hiring someone to do the work for you, and making digital ads and websites can be very expensive.

Not Easily Discarded

There are usually two separate ways a person obtains a brochure. The first way is by grabbing one from a rack of brochures in a store. The other way is by being handed a brochure by a representative of the business. The first method basically ensures that the person will be keeping the brochure around for a while. They wouldn’t have grabbed it and taken it with them if they weren’t interested in it. The second method also usually ensures that the person will be keeping the brochure with them for a while.

When most people are handed brochures, they usually have the common courtesy to not instantly throw it away without looking at it. It’s fairly rude to just throw away a brochure that someone has handed you. People usually keep them in their pockets or purses if they don’t feel like reading it yet. Once that person gets home, they’ll find the brochure again and take the time out to look through it.

Great Way to Make a First Impression

Brochures are quick and easy ways to get the message across about your business. They give your potential customers important information about your business, and they make a good first impression. If you have professionally made and attractive brochures to hand out, it will draw more people in to your business. You can also include eye-catching photos, logos, colors, text and more to make it even more appealing.

You Control the Brochure

Since brochures provide your potential customers with a first impression of your business, you’ll want a brochure that really reflects your company’s image and message. You can control every aspect of the brochure to allow you to ensure that the brochure properly represents the company and fits the image of your business.

Let Your Brochure do the Talking

Some people have difficulty verbally explaining aspects of their business. When you create a brochure, you can ensure that all of the information that a potential customer might need will be right there in the brochure. Not only does this give customers a handy reference to look through when considering your business, but it also gives you something to reference when speaking to customers about your business.

Handy for Trade Fairs, Exhibitions and More

When you’re speaking with potential customers at a trade fair, exhibition, conference or other gathering, you want to leave a lasting impression. It can be difficult to do that purely through conversation, especially when that person has been to various kiosks and tents over the course of the day. Giving them brochures to bring home can allow your potential customers to remember you and your business when they might be in need of your services.

The digital world does have its advantages for business, but you shouldn’t abandon traditional brochures for the allure of the Internet. Brochures still have plenty of advantages over digital advertising, and they can be useful for any business model.

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