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What Is The Difference Between DoFollow Links And NoFollow Links?

In this article I explain the difference between DoFollow backlinks and NoFollow backlinks. When you have a web page and would like to enhance your seo for it, you will need to concentrate on creating DoFollow backlinks since these are the ones that Google follows. NoFollow links only provide you with organic hits for your web site and have no influence on your Google Ranking.

The Difference Between DoFollow Backlinks And NoFollow Backlinks

DoFollow links are backlinks which are being followed by Google. This means that Google provides linking credit for your backlink. Hence DoFollow links will help your web-site to acquire greater authority which will improve your ranking in Google.

NoFollow links can only bring you organic traffic. Google does not follow them, which implies that they don’t have search engine optimization value. So yes, you also want NoFollow links, but they have much less power than DoFollow links.

Why Do You Need To Know The Difference Between DoFollow Links And NoFollow Backlinks?

Well, I think I already answered that question of course. Theoretically you surely want each sorts on backlinks, due to the fact they each can bring you a lot more internet website traffic. Nonetheless, it really is significantly better to focus on building DoFollow links rather than NoFollow links. Let’s explain the reason why using a very simple example.

Most blogsites for instance are NoFollow, so whenever you leave a comment behind this particular backlink has no seo value. This does not mean that you simply should not do any blog commenting.

For those who do decide to do some weblog commenting, you ought to:

1. post a comment that offers value (no one will even read a comment that looks spammy, moreover spam comments typically don’t get accepted by webmasters) two. do it on blogs with a low Alexa rating (websites with a great deal of visitors).

The reason for this is mainly because your blog comment will nonetheless drive organic traffic to your web site. Every single time folks take a look at the weblog on which you commented, they get the opportunity to click on the backlink that you left behind within your comment. If you’re creating NoFollow backlinks on web-sites with an Alexa rating of for instance 500,000 or higher, all of your work is generally pointless mainly because these websites have really low site visitors.

If you are building DoFollow backlinks, it really is much better to do this on web sites or pages with a high PageRank (0 to 9; so five or higher). SearchSatus 1.41 offers you the opportunity to check the PageRank as well as Alexa rating of each and every web page as well as includes a function that highlights NoFollow backlinks.

I added for instance the code rel=”nofollow” to the backlink I’ve created on my personal blog for this add-on. This means that I told Google not to follow this backlink. When I for instance build a backlink to 1 of my own web sites, I’m not going to add that code because I want my backlink to become DoFollow.

Hopefully you have an understanding of the difference between DoFollow backlinks and NoFollow backlinks now and learning how use the SearchStatus 1.41 add-on efficiently will improve your search engine rankings.

Jens Holvoet is a multilingual entrepreneur who teaches people more about internet marketing. Go to this page to watch the video that explains what a DoFollow backlinks are.

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