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Web Design Tips

When you are creating a brand new website, do you know that something might go wrong? There are numerous things that need to be checked. Remember that the website is the most visible and accessible medium for many individuals to see the business, thus, one should ensure that the person creating the site is aware of what he is doing. The following is a guide to avoid the pitfalls.

Who cares?

Do you believe that people normally care about your website and you? Think twice. What your visitors are concerned with is instantly solving their problems. Majority of people will visit a website for the following one or more of these four problems to be solved: they need information, they need to make a donation or purchase, they need entertainment or they need to be part of a community.

Solve your visitors’ problems

You should not forget that the sole reason why your website is there is to solve the problems of your clients. You should ask yourself what the page you are looking for solve. Numerous organizations believe website is all about getting donations, opening up a new marketing channel, increasing by 15% company’s sales and marketing a brand. This is not the case. It is solving your clients’ problems. Ensure your pages perform that.

The 4 Second Website Test

A person should look at the home page of a site and configure what it is about in less than four seconds. No one is going to remain on your site if they just can’t work out what it is about. If your page cannot answer that, it has failed. Visitors won’t spend more minutes if they find it hard to comprehend what the page is all about. Even web pages with details which try to entice them to are not advice to use them as the main subject at the home page. The homepage’s subject needs to be what the site does and how it is going to benefit all those people who have interest.

The Golden Rule

The designer should not use techniques which keeps visitors from call to actions. This technique is frustrating and confuses the potential donors and customers and also violates the fair rule of doing online business that advises web owners not to do things that might get in the way of sale.

Design Elements of the site

There are numerous techniques that normally get in the way of the sale. They include: FlashSplash pages (video), Splash Pages, too much texts, too many pictures, too little texts, lack of central point on the page among others. When people visit your site, it’s because they’ve made a commitment. They’ve clicked a link or an ad and now they are at your site so you don’t have to try to seduce them. Let them in your site.


All web navigation must answer these questions: where am I? Where have I been? Where can I go next? Where’s the Home Page? Navigation must be simple and consistent. Common mistakes include different types of navigation on the same site, a link to the current page on the current page (home page link on home page), and poorly worded links so the visitor doesn’t know where he’ll go if he clicks, no links back to the home page and confusing links to the home page.

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