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Using Social Media In Salon Marketing

Using Social Media In Salon Marketing

Salon marketing once concentrated on adverts in the yellow page phone books. This advertising was dear but was the best avenue to get the customers you required. Today, future customers are trying to find you online thru search website results. Your website must provide relevant info to visitors as well as a menu of your services and photographs from inside your salon. Your business today must be noted on a variety of local directories including Google to help your clients find you. Social media distribution systems including Facebook, Twitter, and Google are useful and free ways to pursue online salon marketing. Below are some hints for every one of these platforms.


Do you Tweet? If not, you should start. Twitter is the best way to reach your customers straight away. As an example , if you happen to have a cancellation, you can send a Tweet to your followers saying Cancellation Alert: 3 pm is now available. For your clients that have not spent a little time to schedule an appointment, but are running around and battling with their hair, this may be an ideal situation. You may also Tweet skincare, hair care and other beauty reminders as well as offer specials to your fans. A great special would be: 25% off next service for 1st 3 callers. This type of call to action can get people on the fence, off the fence and into your chair. Twitters character limit could be a challenge in this salon marketing method, it is worth spending your time to make pressing offers, press releases for your followers.


Facebook is the best way to show off your services, interact with your present shoppers and allow future clients to find you. Facebook pages must be interactive to be an effective salon marketing strategy. Start dialogue with your customers with leading questions like What is your biggest hair challenge? You can run funny hair day contests. Ask for photos of extreme bad hair days and then have proponents vote on the best bad hair. The individual that wins can get a free haircut or discount on their next service. Be engaging with your clients and provide real information. You can have a once-a-week beauty tip that is focused on how seasonal changes affect hair, best hair-care treatments, and others. Interacting with clients can help drive business to your salon.


Google as well as a local Google directory listing can help drive local shoppers to your business. Google is a great way to interact and create demand with current and future customers. Connect to businesses in your neighborhood (create a circle) and work in cooperation to bring buyers to each other. A local catalog listing with Google enables you to list your services, business name, hours of operation, internet site, telephone number and address and this information can then appear on Googles local map function and be linked to your Google account. Local salon marketing hasn't ever been simpler than with these tools and functions from Google.

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