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Trends To Expect In Search Engine Optimization

Online Marketing Services are finding new ways to improve their services to combat the algorithms against overly search engine optimizing that have been made public by google. The content creators are not really to blame because they were only doing their jobs of making articles rank higher in search results. The blame should be in the outdated algorithm that was used for almost a decade.

The tricks that people used in the past were just the result of the lack of ingenuity search engine companies to find the right algorithm for the task of bringing back the most appropriate results to people who search them. Because it is google’s task to bring back the best possible results to the queries of surfers, it is only logical that they should be the ones to start the changes through their algorithm changes.

Because of the need for change, Google introduced the algorithm changes that will later be known as panda and penguin, which gave problems to SEO Marketing Services and people who use the old tricks of SEO. If you are not familiar with what is happening in the SEO industry in the past year, here are some of the trends that you should expect.

Are back links still relevant?

Building up the number of links to your blog or website is still significant but it should only be high quality links. Only the best of the thousands of directories will be considered as high quality content so you should only focus on the more mainstream directories.

What’s Google Authorship?

The google author rank aims to make the internet give credit to people who are experts in their niche and share their knowledge online. Spam content will be lessened because people who write them will not be ranked well and ranking is a part of the factors that will determine an article’s position it Google query answers. To know more about Social Media Marketing Services, check this out.

What makes a content’s quality good?

You will be seeing a lot of articles related to creating quality content rather than overly search engine optimized content but everybody has a different idea of what quality content is. For content to be of good quality, it must be readable for people who search it and it must provide a solution to their needs. The positions of the articles in search engine results will now depend on their appropriateness to the topic of the search terms and not the keyword density of the group of words used.

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