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The Ways A Website Can Make A Difference To Your Bottom Line

Are you underestimating the power of having a website for you small business? Have you heard that it’s important to have a web presence but other than making it your business card on the internet but other than that you’re at a loss for what a website can do for you?

While it is true that your website for your business is your calling card for existing customers it is also a tool that you need to be using to bring paying clients into your business. These days consumers have forgotten about the phone directory and instead are searching online for everything from local nail salons to pet groomers to plumbers. But will these customers find you and your website?

While a pretty website is important and brings along with it a sense of pride, it is actually secondary to a properly optimized website. A properly optimized website is one that has key elements within it that tell search engines what your website is about and thus is ranked higher in search engine results when your potential client starts searching for your help in solving whatever problem they might have.

For instance, a busy businessman might be looking for someone to do his dry cleaning. Or a busy mother might be looking for an affordable house keeper. Both of these consumers are likely to search the internet for a solution to their problem on the internet before any other media. They are more likely to search for you online than they will to search through a newspaper or a phone directory. These days your consumers are addicted to the internet and they search there for information on anything and everything.

Now, will your consumer find you? If you don’t have a website they’re not going to find you at all. If you do have a website and your currently ranking on page 9 of the search engine results for keywords that customers use to search for your business, chances are slim to none that they are going to choose you.

I hate to say this but people are lazy and it has been shown that the top spot for any search result gets approximately 80% of the love from customers. If you’ve never experienced what it’s like to have a website that is on the top of the heap, I’ll tell you that you don’t even need to check to know if your website has hit that number one spot. Your telephone will tell you and you will see a surge in business that will make you think that someone is playing a trick on you.

A well optimized web page and a good a good search engine marketing strategy is the best way to get the most out of your website. Even though there are huge companies out there that claim to have the best in the business working for them, many of these companies just don’t have the skills and know how to achieve and maintain those top rankings over the long haul.

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