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The Value Of Content Creation For Building Your Brand And Creating New Sales Opportunities

Online content creation can serve several purposes – and deliver valuable benefits – for businesses that either feature it on their websites or get it placed on sites that can be sources of customer traffic.

For B2B firms, content like white papers, solution sheets, and webinar access can create lead generation opportunities that attract potential customers. This content would need to be presented as a “gated asset”, meaning that it can’t be accessed by just anyone: it would only available to those that provide their contact details in a landing page registration form. In return for having the ability to download the content, registrants would permit themselves to be tiered as possible leads who might buy the company’s products/services, and they can expect to eventually be contacted by the company’s sales department.

Other content – such as videos, podcasts, articles, and press releases – can be syndicated by a company with the goal of having it picked up by blogs, industry trade journals, and news sites that are visited by the target customer audience that the company wishes to reach. The purpose of syndicating this content would be to enhance the company’s rank on search engines, generate backlinks to the company’s site, and also build sales lead opportunities.

The key to successful content syndication is to make certain that your content has value to the market. Your content needs to explain a challenge that your target customer audience has, and how your product or service can deliver solutions to this challenge. Your content can be created by accessible employees (or officers), who can be presented as thought leaders. By providing their unique perspectives on subjects that are relevant to your industry, these thought leaders can position your company as one that possesses valuable answers that are sought by your potential customers – giving you a clear edge over your competitors.

Whether you are offering content as a lead gen tool through registration for gated assets or a search rank improving, back-link building, and lead generating tool via content syndication, the content itself must be powerful. It must be clear, concise, and credible, and must cover subjects that have relevancy to the marketplace and useful for your potential clients.

By focusing your content on the distinct needs of possible buyers, you can supply an infinite choice of content possibilities that – if properly envisioned and crafted – can yield long-term benefits and tremendous ROI for your organization.

Rafe Gomez is a principal at VC Inc. Marketing, a provider of business strategy, lead gen, sales support, marketing communications and S.E.O content creation/p.r. services to companies . His work has been featured in Adweek, DM News, the Amex OPEN Forum, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, Entrepreneur Magazine, and The Manhattan Daily News. Follow him @vcincmarketing

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