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The Importance Of Online Reputation Management

We live in a dynamic world where there is an increase in the popularity of websites and blogs. More and more people are spending time on the world wide web on social networks, on pod-casting sharing platforms, video sharing platforms and many other examples. The implication of this is that brand awareness and perceptions can spread like wildfire on the world wide web. There is therefore a need for online reputation management.

Dell and Kryptonite are the best examples of what a bad influence can do as far as sharing of information is concerned. Both companies had some customers that did not like their products and decided to write about it on the internet. These stories were widely shared across different online platforms.

For the dell example, one customer bought a dell computer and was disappointed by the service. He decided to blog about the experience. He wrote on his blog on how the dell computer failed him in details. The post created an instant stir on blogosphere as bloggers shared it across Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and most of the other social bookmarking websites.

Each of the fore mentioned brands suffered heavily from the negative publicity. This is not just a proof of the power of the online community but it is also a proof of how risky it easy to work without a means of controlling damage online. Both companies eventually stepped in to control the damage but it was a little bit too late.

There is always an intrinsic nudge in humans to share a bad story. That would explain why such stories spread like wildfire on the world wide web. It should be the responsibility of each company to monitor information in order to avoid such cases.

The good news is that every organization however small or big can actually effectively manage their brand by embracing a good online reputation management. It mainly calls for consistently monitoring the world wide web . This will help the firm to smooth out any negative mentions before they go spiral.

Because the Internet is such an unpredicatable medium, it is vital for any business that markets itself online to closely monitor how it is perceived by the public. An effective way to do this is by using the different online reputation management programs offered by CrowdControlHQ that help you stay on top of relevant search engine results, social media mentions, and other aspects of online reputation.

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