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Targets in web marketing: Personas

When we develop a Marketing plan, we wish to know who are the people we wish to do actions in our website. The rationale is extremely simple: if we develop a site about dolphins we'd really like to be visited by people that love dolphins or Oceans, or aquatic life, not by people who are not interested about them.

This is among the best strategies for SEO, PAY-PER-CLICK and must be included in the Net Selling Planand a key for accomplishment in the net.

Our target in Marketing: To choose “3 personas” for success

We’re covering the most fascinating characters and offering users selected data that they would like to find in our site.

The major characters that a strategic policy must develop are done for humanistic, competitive and systematic people. Everybody is a specific segment and everyone has its own profile. We should take in count all of these personas in our method. This is specially remarkable when we are designing a destination page.

That's because we’ll need , at the very least , three different ones; one for each profile we had chasen.

In this sense, we are going to need categorical call to action buttons as well , we're going to need special texts, we will need special pictures and we’ll need special messages for every persona we have defined formerly.

Targeting with aims

With all these features, we'll get customised visitors that we may be able to easily convert into clients, because that's the best way we are going to get more chances to satisfy them.

Remember: a satisfied visitor suggests more possibilities for getting our aims, more possibilities for closing a deal or perhaps more possibilities for getting customers for our newsletter. It’s ten time more troublesome to discover a new client that preserve the ones that we need.

Abel Pardo is Professor of Marketing at the University of Leon

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