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Target Audience: How to talk to Generation Y.

The Generation Y has several names, such as Millenial Generation, Net Generation, Echo Boomers or just Millenials. Experts do disagree about when this generation was born, but the late 1980s is most agreed upon. In contrast to their parents, the baby boomers, they have exceptional tech skills and grew up with mobile phones, video games and Internet. They had a front seat to the digital revolution and were very much a big part of it. As a company or a brand, chances are that you are selling your product or service to this group, but how you reach them? What intrigues and engages Generation Y?

A stereotypical Generation Y is an early adapter, a techie, never reads manuals or instructions and prefers learning by doing, a multitasker, easily bored and may be known to be calm and less violent but also very liberal and social accepting. The birth of this generation made a lot of advertisement and marketing agencies scratch their head because the approaches used for the previous generations were now obsolete. It could seem like this generation had a different view on everything, which made it more difficult to point out exactly what type of things that intrigued them.

Where are they?

Generation Y is everywhere. They are sitting at Starbucks with their MacBooks, shopping for vintage clothing in Brick Lane, riding an old bike faster than your car in the street, demonstrating against raise in bus ticket prices and they have job titles that never existed 10 years ago, like marketer or digital content writer.

Who are they influenced by?

With easy access to an incredibly large amount of information they have become natural sceptics. Because they don’t believe everything they read or see, they value sharing between their circle of friends and acquaintances. So the most powerful way of connecting with Generation Y is to produce content that encourage sharing between users.

Why reach this audience?

As time goes by, Generation Y gets older, wiser and earns more money. They function as key influencers for the younger generations and caretakers for the older ones. Without even knowing it, they have become the most powerful group in our society today. They have the ability to reach the entire world cross countries, religion or political beliefs in just a matter of seconds. If a cause matters to them, they make it viral. Every single day the Generation Y is fighting wars again causes like poverty and animal cruelty via the web. The use of modern communication channels is so much more powerful than anything the previous generations had, which is definitely something you should keep in mind.

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