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Search Engine Positioning

Although financial power is something that you would commonly associate with London, Manchester has been busy making a name for itself as the IT capital of the UK. In recent years the field of IT has really started to expand across the country and Manchester is one area where this growth has been clearly seen. For anyone who is looking for a new website or perhaps to do some increased marketing on their existing website, SEO Manchester is a key field which works with existing and new companies to improve their position on the Google rankings.

Understanding Your Landing Pages – A Quick Guide

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times – Your landing pages are the most important ones on your site. Ever wonder why your design and SEO company push the idea of good landing page content so hard? This quick guide may help you understand the importance of your landing pages as well as a few of the best practices when you get ready to build or redesign your current landing pages.

Social Media: Using It for Marketing

Have heard of Facebook? Chances are that your answer was “Yes!” Then I ask, have you ever been on Facebook? Again, chances are that your answer is going to be yes. However, even if you have heard of and been on Facebook you probably are not aware of the impact that social media can have on your business. Globally, you will find that social media is being used in order to market businesses rather than the old-fashioned type of marketing tools. Why are so many businesses turning to social media as a marketing tool? The answer is in the numbers. 1 in 13 people have established a Facebook account and on average, half of the Facebook users have logged into their account at some point every day. Therefore, you don’t want to count social media out as a marketing tool. Here are some benefits of social media marketing you should consider before you opt out.

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