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Sponsor License for Employers in the UK

The. Sponsor license was first introduced in 2008 by the UK Border Agency, as a way of ensuring that employers wanting to employ non European Union workers carried out their duties and obligations at reporting to the Border Agency if the worker left or employment was terminated.

If you intend to sponsor workers under Tier 2, you may be required to check how much time the migrant worker may be allowed to spend in the uk and any other restrictions that may apply to the worker coming to the uk.

Employers have benefited from the “Sponsor License System” as a license holder,on the grounds that they are able to provide the Border Agency with evidence that a resident worker cannot be found to fill the position, through short fall of suitable qualifications.

Education providers, can sponsor foreign students or organizations needing migrant workers can also benefit from applying for the Sponsor License. As a Sponsor License holder you will be expected to ensure that the process of applying or sponsoring a foreign worker or student is not abused.

Is Border Control effective now we have have the sponsor license system? Are migrant workers being treated fairly as far a pay conditions are concerned? Sponsor License holders may say otherwise.

Are we able to say that those that hold the Sponsor License compliant? What does compliant mean? This happens when an employer completes the on line submission of the Sponsor License via the United Kingdom Border Agency website, he or she confirms that they have accepted all the duties the Border Agency intended you as the employer will fulfill when sponsoring a migrant worker.

The Sponsor License online submission process is very simple, take advice.

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