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Social Media Marketing Networks As Marketing Tools For Business Can Work For You

Many companies are using social media marketing networks as marketing tools for business. This method works by gaining traffic from websites through popular sharing groups. Sites like Facebook and Twitter and Blogs from many different sites have large numbers of readers so any advertising would reach a large audience.

How to become a part of this advertising frenzy

These sites set out to create information that will be of interest to many and it encourages readers to support it and to share it. As these pass from one person to their many “friends”, the word spreads far and wide in a short period. It seems that because the message comes from friends rather than direct from the company it is viewed with a more open mind.

Who has access

These sites are so popular these days, being very easily accessible to all who have internet access. Making companies known through this form of advertising means that people become aware of them and their brands. So when they advertise their name is recognized and this speedy “word of mouth” style of advertising reaches huge numbers of people in a short space of time at no cost to the company.

Mobile phones also have a place in the world of advertising. Phones can be connected to the Internet and networking sites will send news and updates to your mobile. This means that businesses can keep their company’s name in the fore with regular updates on what they offer.

As customers, people play a large role in the promotion of a company’s sales. On the whole, this can have a positive outcome but it can have the reverse effect. It does happen though, that many well known public figures say things on popular social networking sites that are negative and indecent, resulting in an uproar from the public. This can have a negative effect on both the person who posted the comment and the product and company they represent.

Another popular marketing method

Videos are watched online by many. Research shows that over 3/4 of internet users in the US are amongst those that do. This is just another of the many great tools for companies. YouTube accepts most types of videos and is easy to search. A company might place an advert for a product, either formal or a humorous. Demos are very helpful, people seeing how to use a product correctly might be encouraged to buy it.

More networking sites appear online all the time as popularity for them grows. Those in charge of popularizing their company’s products need to keep up to date with any new trends. Managers will need to keep this in mind and be prepared to switch or extend their campaigns accordingly.

Research has found that marketers using social media marketing networks as marketing tools for business make use of Twitter more than any other social media site followed by Blogs, LinkedIn and Facebook. Video and Social Bookmarking sites are down the list, but still without doubt, a valuable tool. Studies claim that there is a strong increasing trend in the use of advertising via these sites and more than 80% of those interviewed claimed that the benefits they are reaping are very high.

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