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Social Media and Extending Your Influence

Social media reigns as the media of choice. When will this change? Probably not very soon, though this isn’t to say that social media will look exactly the same in the days and months ahead.

Why Should Bloggers Care?

If your material is of great quality, your influence is a wonderful thing. If you are publishing excellent content, your sphere of impact will be broadened by social media sites. That not only benefits you as an author, but it also profits your audience. Social media is distinct from traditional media in this way. Since social media (and blogs, etc.) enjoy a two-way street, as your sphere of impact expands, so does the sphere of others who interact with your blog. Ideally, then, crossing spheres of impact will mutually benefit one another.

Particularly, you can utilize social media for sharing audio, video, links, etc., as well as gain peer review, quickly schedule meetings, connect with others in your field, and find more readers passionate about the the things you are. Web-publishing, at its best, will keep quality information as first-priority. Even in an environment of SEO-hungry bloggers, selfish commenters, and link-mad users, great content will bring your readers back to your site for more.

Hurdles for Bloggers

In reality, social media can easily become a meal for the ego–getting followers and gaining friends, getting back links, and so on. This takes a lot of time, and your time is worth a lot. It has economic value, so opportunity cost must be considered. If you choose to spend your time one way or another, think about the opportunity cost. What are you giving up to spend time on twitter, for instance? In the end, it’s better to increase in knowing more about your field than figure out what a celebrity had for dinner.

The blogosphere is too often a rat race. Many publishers race to be the first to post on a specific topic or happening. Some bloggers only leave comments at other blogs to drive traffic back to their own site. Often, such self-seeking will prevent the generation of profitable dialogue.

In Conclusion

Many will ride on every bandwagon of social media that comes through. Many, as well, will continue on the blogging wagon. In any case, keep the following advice in mind to best make use of social media as you blog:

1. Understand the aim of your information, your blog, etc. Does your aim include benefiting your audience?

2. Try to provide superior content (which doesn’t mean lengthy content), information that relates to people and that stirs up good dialogue through comments, response posts, etc.

3. Prize your time and use it wisely: Carefully decide how much time you will use researching your field, composing new content, networking, doing site design, etc.

For more free information on blogging, making a great website, and using social media, try this article.

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