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Pinterest Helps You Create Targeted Ads

You might have already heard about the wonders of Pinterest. What you might not know is how valuable the information you can obtain is. Users pin items that they want. Also, unlike other social platforms, Pinterst allows users to connect in a real way.

As a brand, there are a few different ways to use Pinterest. One way is to create boards with both your brand’s items as well as things that your readers might be interested int. It is important to also engage with the pins of other users by liking them and re-pin them. This will help to create a relationship with your fans. It will also create a community around your brand and will drive traffic to your website. You can also add a “Pin it” button to items on your website, which you can then track to find out what your most popular products are. You can then use this information to make highly targeted ads.

Brands are also using the “multi-contributor feature”. This feature allows users to post their own items on to your company’s Pinterest board. Mod cloth has used this feature to encourage it’s customers to post clothes items on their company’s boards. This is an amazing marketing tool. It not only makes the user feel as though they are a part of the brand, but it is a selling tool. Other girls will see these pins and will be motivated to buy that same item or outfit.

Other companies like Step2 are enhancing their shopping experience by promoting social discovery on their Facebook Page. Users can follow individual products and categories and then get those specific updates directly into their news feed. They also have a “follow a reviewer’ feature lets users subscribe to reviews written by people with similar interests and taste.

Everything is pointing towards the personalization of the web. It is a win/win situation. The brand sells and the consumer is shown what interests them. Marketers who know this will lead the way of e-commerce.

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