This portable firepit is the ultimate backyard accessory for city dwellers—and great for campers, too

Brooklyn-based BioLite is known for its smokeless, wood-burning camp stove, which is beloved by campers for both its portability and its ability to multitask: The company’s CampStove 2 actually actually generates electricity, so you can charge phones, lights, cameras, and more. For campers with more specific tastes, BioLite also […]

Opinion: Let’s fix college first, before rushing to reopen campuses

Every May 1, millions of students and their families celebrate “National Decision Day” by submitting final college and university decisions. I still remember that overwhelming feeling of possibility nearly two decades later. But this year was different. As colleges have crafted carefully nuanced notes of optimism about reopening campuses […]

The COVID-19 vaccine will require billions of glass vials—but lockdowns are cratering the supply of recycled glass

When the coronavirus began to spread in the U.S., recycling rates started to drop. Some cities suspended curbside recycling; in other areas, the recycling centers that sort through waste had to close because workers couldn’t safely stay 6 feet apart. Several states suspended the bottle bills that pay consumers […]

North Dakota’s COVID-19 app has been sending data to Foursquare and Google

The official COVID-19 contact-tracing app for the state of North Dakota, designed to detect whether people have potentially been exposed to the coronavirus, sends location data and a unique user identifier to Foursquare—and other data to Google and a bug-tracking company—according to a new report from smartphone privacy company […]

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