Electric car company Polestar is designing a car that can be manufactured with zero emissions

When companies make a “carbon-neutral” product, it usually involves buying carbon offsets that support projects like reforestation in distant forests . Forests need the help—but it doesn’t eliminate the fact that making the product itself is still a source of pollution. Polestar, a Swedish electric car company owned by […]

“There are 360 degrees. Why stick to one?”: The real legacy of architect Zaha Hadid

In the five years since Zaha Hadid’s passing, much has been written about the glorious and towering legacy the fabled British-Iraqi architect left behind. Thinking about what she started, though, is more instructive. Zaha Hadid [Photo: View Pictures/Universal Images Group/Getty Images] Born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1950, Hadid—aka the […]

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