I’m a former superintendent. Here’s what really worries me about reopening schools

Classrooms, gyms, and cafeterias at schools across the U.S. have remained empty for months now. And despite some districts beginning to reopen , many others will remain closed amid fears that prematurely restarting in-person classes could cost more lives in the pandemic . Local, state, and federal officials wrangle […]

A former NFL player is turning this abandoned building into an eco-village

In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, a former high school—currently vacant and covered in graffiti—will soon be transformed into an eco-village with housing, commercial and coworking space for young entrepreneurs, and food grown on-site. It’s the first development project from The Bridge , a startup that plans to build similar developments in […]

Read an exclusive excerpt from A24 Books’ latest edition featuring Ari Aster’s ‘Hereditary’

Last fall, A24 made its foray into publishing with a collection of coffee-table books based on some of its most iconic films, including Ex Machina , The Witch , and Moonlight . Each book contains the film’s entire script and handpicked, full-colored frames with the director’s annotations. There’s also […]

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