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No More Confused Visitors – Simplify Your Website Today

When it comes to creating a website (see web design), simplicity is the key to bringing in more online consumers. If your site looks sleek and operates the way a customer wants it to, this can boost its popularity. Customers want to use a website that permits them to reach their sought after goal and get the result they wanted. Despite attempting to keep things simple, many websites simply do not do this. If you feel your website is in need of streamlining, read on.

Focus Mainly On The Main Elements

Using the 80-20 rule is an effective way to ensure you remain focused on the essential elements. The 80-20 rule is the 20% of what’s on your web page that gives you 80% of the value. This could be the copy, a testimonial, a review, a call-to-action button etc. Try to focus on displaying only the 20% of site elements that are delivering 80% of your site’s efficacy.

Remove All Elements That Are Redundant

Once you have identified the 20% of your website’s elements that gain you 80% of your desired results, you need to start eradicating them. In other words, that 80% of your site that only gets you 20% of results needs to be removed. It could be your sidebar elements, social media sharing widgets, blog post Meta details or links in the footer.

Minimise the Amount of Pages

By reducing the numbers of pages on your website, this will mean there are fewer places to explore and click around. By trimming the page count, you can get rid of those pages that you know are of no use. For more helpful hints to help boost your website, see web design packages.

Add More Content Above the Fold

Research has demonstrated that the majority of web users spend most of their time above the web page fold. This is the section of the page that shows on the screen, without having to scroll down. In order to increase the effectiveness of your site be sure to have your best elements located above the fold.

Keep In Control of Your Colour Scheme

Many websites are filled with bright and bold colours, but it’s essential not to get carried away with too many colours. In order to simplify your website effectively, you need to simplify your colour scheme, by reducing the volume of colours you use. The colours that you use will depend on the design of your site, but try to opt for no more than two to three colours to begin with.

We hope these five pointers will enable you to design a website that’s clear and concise, whilst oozing simplicity. For more helpful assistance in building a website with a simplistic design and functional usability, see send a message.

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