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New tactics for Google: Google Penguin

Google’s new methods

Google said they will penalise websites that promote only the anchor text and forget to add things like “read more here” “click here” or “read more”. The truth is that S.E.O efforts must focus on your core keywords, it may sound like a joke, believing that somebody with a high Page Rank has positioned due to its content. It's actually about digital marketing and remember, Google earn money just with Pay per Click.

This is just a method to promote Google + as the backbone of social networks , and in this sense, I suspect that Google may continue to promote further. Never forget that Google is a company that earns its money, and thus its stockholders, primarily because of the SEM to PPC advertising with Google Adwords, and not through the S.E.O positioning, which isn't even a penny. Building links with Penguin is not an issue, but a solution.

Panda and Penguin, the S.E.O is in luck

With the new time for SEO from Google Panda, Google Penguin, the beginner, starts to be felt. Google Penguin promotes +1. Some of the articles we have written will be highly and strongly positioned because they have got a larger number of clicks at +1 than others.

Google Penguin: The New SEO

What Google truly wants are links, quality links in quantity, but links. The content serves to retain visitors, to add value , but rarely to seat keywords with claidad in tricky or high business value.

Now, it is your turn in this game, your turn in Link Building secrets. Do you l ike Google Penguin and have systems to build links? Your comments are welcome all round the Net and if you have time, share articles on the social networks, write your own ones, talk about it and then, everybody would develop the bestactivities for reaching a good position in Google SERPs.

Abel Pardo is Professor of Marketing and Posicionamiento en Internet at the University of Leon

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