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Making Money Online Easy

A fast method to making money online with virtually no work will be to make use of Google adsense with your site. In the following paragraphs, we are going to take a look at a few different methods to generating earnings by using Google adsense.

Google will place ads on your website with keywords that have been picked by various advertisers and are then matched to the content on your site. You will make money every time someone who visits your site clicks on one of those ads. They provide you with filters that allow you to decide whose ads you want on your website this allows you not to have your competitor’s ads appear on your site.

Now when you are building your site you are going to want to focus on the content. Content is the main key of getting visitors to your website. On the other hand, you also have to make sure your site looks good. If you have great content but your site looks like crap, then your visitors are not going to stay at your website long enough to click on one of your Google adsense ads.

When designing the ads make sure that they blend into the color of your content. This gives the illusion to those visiting your site that the ads support the information that they are reading about and they will be more apt at clicking on them to find out more. You may want to consider changing the color of the background and links so that it matches the color on your website. Another advantage you have with color is that you can change it frequently in a way so that the visitors think there is something new then they will keep returning to see what you have added.

Consider using the AdSense ads as captions. When this is done, it draws the eye of the consumer through the text and increases the chances that the ad will be clicked on.

Now lets talk about the borders of your Google adsense ads. When creating the generic adsense ads, most come with a border around the ads, which is fine. But if you are trying to make the ads blend in with your website content. You may want to make sure you remove the borders. This way the ads can blend in more naturally with your site which again means more clicks. You can remove the borders when you are creating the ads before you place them on your site. This is a really good idea if you are going for the blend in look.

Now that you have your website, running with AdSense you may also want to include Kontera Text Links. With this, the visitor to your site will click on the links that will then take them to sites that have content that is related to your site and this of course will increase the amount of money that you will be bringing in.

And finally, you should also consider placing a Google search box on your site as well. This will allow your visitors to search the web without having to leave your website, which gives you a better chance of people clicking on the ads that are right on your site. Also if someone uses your search box, and clicks on one of the sponsor links in the search results you make money, just like if they clicked a link on your site.

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