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Learn to Play the Piano with PianoForAll

As the title suggests, Piano for All looks to take the piano and make it a less demanding instrument for individuals to learn. It basically is a computer based sight and sound course that coordinates content lessons with visual and capable of being heard components to make a superior learning background than what’s ordinarily accessible through customary mediums, for example, books and manuals.

One of the greatest pluses of Piano for All is that it makes them play prominent music to a great degree rapidly. Genuine, the tunes may not be awfully perplexing, but rather they’re unquestionably not “Twinkle, Twinkle” either. As an understudy, having the capacity to play tunes you really appreciate makes the learning procedure all the more captivating, more fun and gives a more prominent feeling of fulfillment.

Robin Hall, the psyche behind Piano for All is an Irish piano educator and craftsman. Strikingly enough, however we couldn’t discover all that much about his musical foundation and capabilities, we discovered somewhat about his profession as a craftsman. Robin Hall is really a capable visual artist who has figured out how to distribute different generally welcomed books on drawing toons. Piano for All clients will even get the chance to see some of his unique work of art as some of it makes it into the course (more on that later).


Course Contents: The Piano for All course bundle contains 10 distinctive eBooks. Connected to these eBooks are 200 video and 500 sound exhibitions, illustrations, and activities. While downloading the course, you’ll find the course size is a large portion of a gigabyte at 431mb. Note: People on slower web associations do be able to download the course one eBook at once. So better believe it, on the off chance that you weren’t certain, this is really a truly extensive course.

After essential introduction to the piano, the course starts by instructing how to play fundamental harmonies to an assortment of rhythms to make prevalent tunes. Bit by bit, the rhythms turn out to be more intricate and the harmonies turn out to be more advanced. The eBooks are intended to be followed all together and present class particular piano harmonies and rhythms as you travel through the course. Robin additionally enlivens your advance by presenting different remembrance systems and alternate ways en route. As specified, the lessons do utilize some prevalent melodies in the lessons, however because of authorizing expenses and lawful issues ordinarily are excluded completely. Dissimilar to most customary lessons, Piano for All holds up until you have a decent handle on ear-playing before demonstrating to sight-read.

While the initial 9 eBooks do the genuine instructing of the course eBook #10 is a piano asset storehouse with a heap of tips, traps and accommodating information. You’ll discover information on the most proficient method to setup and interface a MIDI console to your PC, book audits, and also arrangements of melodies that make utilization of the distinctive rhythms instructed before in the course. Additionally included with Piano for All is a reward eBook titled, Increase your Creative Ability by 400%. At first look this Bonus eBook appears somewhat strange yet essentially it demonstrates to you how you can expand your imagination by lessening the stretch and other negative feelings throughout your life. This eBook makes an incredible read for anybody, regardless of whether they need to play piano. It peruses rather like a self improvement guide and is loaded with unique toons that Robin Hall made which makes for an engaging read.

Where Piano for All‘s piano lessons truly sparkle is in their convenience and intelligence. At whatever point the eBook says you have to see or listen to an outer sight and sound document (sound or video), you should simply tap on a little symbol implanted inside the genuine lesson page and the applicable record will start playing. I can’t let you know how much simpler (and faster) this is than digging through an entire pack of records and envelopes on your PC to find the correct document. Other mixed media piano courses, for example, the prevalent Rocket Piano course would have truly profit by having a component like this in their product.

Rehearse Tip: If you have the decision between honing alongside Piano for All with an upright or console you ought to most likely utilize the console. The reason being is that you can set up your console directly before the PC screen and play alongside the activities as opposed to printing out the lessons and passing up a great opportunity for the interactive media parts of the course.

Piano for All is not without its weaknesses be that as it may, and we’ll specify some of them here. Video/specialized nature of the Piano for All is okay, alright even, all things considered Robin could have improved this educational modules soooo much… The recordings are low-determination, to some degree grainy and the camera is constantly situated so the video is at a slight edge and in addition being off kilter. It’s hard not to see these things and it makes it a tad bit unsettling to watch (for symmetry monstrosities like me at any rate… ). In the video’s sound we additionally seen a low murmur that persevered all through every one of the films. The way that Robin’s voice isn’t too particular or clear didn’t improve the situation much. Backpedaling to a prior point, it’s significant that in light of the fact that there is more than 7 hours worth of video lessons and cases in the course, the video documents must be recorded at a to some degree bring down determination with a specific end goal to keep the aggregate course measure under 500mb.

We found the eBooks and course material itself to be great, however not great. There’s the occassional grammatical mistake, no less than one dead connection to a video document, and references to a couple in fact mistaken musical terms. Clearly none of this is truly major issue material, yet simply a few things we saw when investigating the lessons. Robin Hall makes himself promptly accessible by means of his own email which he has distributed on his site.

At the season of this written work, the full Piano for All bundle can purchased for $39.95. (reg. $79.50) You can purchase the eBooks independently yet it’s a fairly crazy thought since the majority of the books are evaluated at $29.95 a pop. There really are other installment alternatives and bundle bargains accessible from the requesting page, yet they all even have less rhyme or reason since you generally wind up paying significantly more for a similar bundle. You can add on a CD containing the eBooks and records to your request, however this is to some degree excess since you could simply reinforcement the course onto a CD later once you’ve downloaded it.

A complimentary 60-day discount is offered by Robin Hall who expresses that on the off chance that you aren’t “totally excited” with your buy you can send him an email and he’ll issue a full discount. That is the sort of assurance we get a kick out of the chance to see going with advanced download items.


There’s a considerable measure to like with Piano for All. The showing strategies are dynamic, connecting with and make the learning procedure more diversion for understudies. It’s additionally to a great degree affordable in contrast with most piano courses out there. Unfortunately we as of now can’t give it a full underwriting because of specialized quality issues, unremarkable video quality, absence of visual learning helps, for example, illuminate keys that you find in other piano courses, and potentially a lot of accentuation on sounding great and insufficient on taking in the hypothesis behind how the music all cooperates. Still, with regards to spending plan amicable downloadable piano courses, it’s difficult to beat the esteem that Piano for All gives.