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It’s A Small, Small, World With Social Media

With it’s ability to spread ideas and news faster than ever before, social media is here to stay. Information roams the internet, and what used to take days only takes minutes, connecting us all. A single event in a seemingly remote area can be known around the world within just a few hours. Soon nothing will be left to the imagination, as our world has been connected and informed like never before.

Back in the day, if kids left the house they’d be gone for the day; no one would be tracking them, and they wouldn’t have to check in with their parents every few hours. Now, kids have smart phones, and if their parents want to hear from them, they can text, tweet, or upload a picture of where they are. Mass communication has impacted all our lives to the point where we can’t go a day without it. Sitting in a movie theater is too long to go cut off from the rest of the social media driven world.

Looks like it is a small world after all. There are still those remote locations where internet capability is nonexistent, but there aren’t many areas like that left. With the West at the forefront of social media, it’s values and cultural norms have influenced once isolated areas, spreading the concepts of freedom and democracy. However odd it may sound, Facebook and Twitter had a hand in the overthrow of dictatorships, as the youth took to these platforms to communicate and plan protests.

Social media has taken globalization to a new level. At one point, there were just companies and global brands that influenced the world, like Coca Cola for instance. Now, any average person can make themselves known, without even spending money. Twitter and Facebook have given a platform for millions to share their ideas and interests. This is an opportunity for an average citizen in a small town to speak to the world, which was an impossibility not too long ago. Click here to find out more about social media’s influence on globalization.

The world is a much different place nowadays, changing constantly. Regardless if you like social media or not, we live in a social media world, and there is no stopping it now. The more people are exposed to it, the more popular it will become, and the more ideas will spread.

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