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Internet Advertising Costs – Two Choices

There is a big myth about online marketing, and that is internet advertising costs nothing. The fact of the matter is that all advertising costs something.

However, one of the biggest advantages of advertising on the web is that you don’t necessarily have to pay with money, at least not to get started. Instead, you can pay with your time. This is great news because it means virtually anybody can start a business if they can spare some extra time.

You need to consider several factors before deciding what’s best for you and your business. It’ll take you longer to build an income with free advertising methods, so it’s a good idea to start reinvesting a portion of your initial earnings to paid options as soon as you can. There are many free ways to market your business online. Some of the better known ones include traffic exchanges, safelists, article marketing, social networking sites, forums and online classified ads. Here’s a brief overview of each of these methods.

Traffic exchanges are where you can go to a certain selection of sites to acquire people visiting your internet site. An average ratio is where you must visit three sites to obtain one visit straight back to yours. You’ll have to visit each site for around 20 seconds well before it counts, but this means others need to go to your site for that length of time too. Safelists operate in the same manner, however, you need to read emails instead of viewing websites.

So, the greater number of sites you visit or emails you read, the greater number of people you’ll have viewing yours. Article marketing can be achieved with little if any web advertising costs, based on your skill as a writer. Just write articles which are linked to your business. After this you submit it to various article directory sites and incorporate a link after your article for readers to go to your site.

Social networking sites and forums put the power of communities to work for you. This takes time because you have to focus on building relationships with the people of each community. You have to be careful that you don’t use a “hard sell”, or you will just make people mad. Online classified ads work just like putting an ad in the newspaper. You’ll be limited to how many words you can use, but that should help you in choosing your words more carefully.

One of the downsides is that the free ads tend to move down the page quite quickly, so you’ll have to submit ads as often as each site allows. The other problem is that the only people viewing your ad are people using the site themselves to advertise. For the most part, the average internet user will never visit a classified ads site.

Yes, web advertising costs one way or the other. However, if you’re just starting out and don’t have any money to invest, then it is good to find out that there are plenty of options that only need an investment of your time.

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