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How to enhance your social media strategy with video content

New studies have found that video content can more than double the chance of your page reaching the first page on a Google search, as long as it is used in conjunction with classic SEO (search engine optimization) methods. We all know today’s marketing world is reliant on two ever growing parts. Search engine optimization and social media.

Pretty much everyone in this day and age has a smart-phone, or at least a phone with video capabilities. And with most up to date smart-phones and laptops offering built in video editing software, it’s easier than ever to shoot and edit a video.

If you don’t have built in editing software or a camera in your phone, they are so cheap to buy nowadays, and video editing software from the likes of Microsoft and Google is free to download! If you don’t know how to use it, simply search for step by step instructions and tips, they are all over the internet. The same goes for uploading and embedding the video.

Don’t be too uptight and corporate with the way you choose to shoot the videos. Make them feel as relaxed as possible, and avoid jargon and long words that will lose people’s attention. Talk honestly and passionately about the brand and products, but don’t be too overboard, keep it genuine. You can easily generate business through video by communicating passionately and honestly about the brand.

When your videos are made, post them to your own Youtube channel. Youtube is a great video sharing site because you can personalise your channel, have subscribers and subscribe to other people’s channels, have comments made on your videos and interact with people. It’s like a social network based around video sharing, and a perfect but largely untapped source for social media marketing.

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