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Google Sandbox and Penalty Checker Tool

I have a few new blogs and no matter what I do never move up in the ranks. In fact some don’t even rank for their domain names. So I started doing some research and started down they backlinks road, then eventually learned of the Google Sandbox. A penalty that google slaps on many new sites. So people say it exists other say it’s a myth. I think I’m a believer in the Sandbox.

I have provided a link below to see if your site might be in the Sandbox.

Google Sandbox and Penalty Checker Tool.

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  1. Thank you for the link to the tool!

  2. Powerful Tool ! Thanks…

  3. Hi, mi site say: competenciaperfecta looks OK!, but hits on my web decresee 200% in the last week, i should be sandbox penalty? howto i can repair? or check the sandbox problem to fix?

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