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Good Web Design Tips

Not all websites are the same: Facebook, Yahoo and Google prove this. What first hits about these websites? Their professional design pleases the eye. You should read on if you want to learn how to design an effective website.

Keep the visitor in mind: nothing will annoy them more than faulty or broken links. If your links send your visitor halfway across the internet, why would they return? Make a schedule for link checking. Ensure they work and are up to date.

JavaScript is a helpful tool but one that should not be excessively relied upon. Each web browser is unique. The primary goal of every website is to attract visitors and keep them there, and as many people do not enable JavaScript in their browsers, they will be unable to use your site. You don’t want to lose visitors.

When you visit a website, you naturally want to find out about it: who designed it, why they did so and where they hope to go. Your website should inspire this curiosity. Tell your visitors about why you design websites, about who inspired you in this field, and what you hope to achieve in your career. Be inspirational!

Professional hosting is much more preferable to self hosting your website. Self hosting can mean much of your valuable time is taken up with the security and safety of your website, and this time is much better spent on your design content.

On every websites’ page is a meta-tag. These little pieces of html code that show up on all the search engines and creating high quality meta tags are a major design consideration. If your meta tags are poorly designed or do not accurately represent your content, your visitor numbers will be low.

That content is king is key for website design. If your content is badly written and filled with errors, you give no reason as to why your visitors should expect your design skills to be any better. Proof-reading your content is of vital importance: this small step is necessary to ensure a good visitor experience and to make sure they are interested in your design skills.

Your customers will not be bound by geographical and monetary sameness: the internet is a global tool and your customers will be from all corners of the globe. You should represent dates and times in a specific timezone and allow people to view prices in their own currency. Learning new web design techniques of very important, so you should always be practicing, whether it be on simple HTML and PHP scripts or more advanced coding. Practice time is never wasted time and it will help you with your web design skills.

Google and Facebook are not likely to be re-created by one person, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting the most out of good website design, as you can create even more attractive websites than those of the big boys. Use the information in this article and get designing!

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