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G+, LinkedIn and roi

Some of us had a quetion in Digital marketing: What is the better, S.E.O or social media? Then, the social media and our efforts in Internet-based Marketing are the answer.

It's true that Google+ will help you to reach a stronger position in Postion and twitter, step by step, is being put out .

G+ is a place for being, and a large number of folks is going there, desert simultaneously their activities in LinkedIn. Is this a right decision?

At the end, the issue is not what is the best for S.E.O, but what is the best for you , your company and your customers.

When developing secrets in Digital marketing, return of investment (ROI) is the key for professionals.

G+ vs twitter

Results and celebrity could be the solution for a internet marketing consultant. Perhaps G+ is a better for rankings, but think what you want is just fame or money. If you need cash, if you'd like to give good service and content to your clients, you need to be where your customers are.

Do you receive a high amount of quality traffic from LinkedIn? Do you believe that unpaid traffic is not as sizeable as it must be? Are you going to boost your activity for getting better positions that do not give you a R.O.I. only for reaching a better Place in Google?

Systems in the web

First is to evaluate your Return of investment (ROI) sources. Selling is research and then act. If you have a reasonable conversion rate, and you receive it from Search engine optimization you must study what are your profitable keywords.

By the way, if you're receiving qualified visitors from Google and just traffic without ROI from search engines, then focus on facebook.

Are you developing methods for web selling? Do you prefer SEO activity in the net or do you work at an entire digital marketing contest? You got the correct answer: Time for testing!

Abel Pardo is Marketing & Posicionamiento en buscadores consultant

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