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Forum Link Building Technique

Forum link building is a particularly effective technique for building inbound links to your internet site. You can do this by hand or you can do it thru certain tools or services.

There are a few pointers to keep in mind when posting on a forum so as to build links back to your website.

1. Make sure that the forum you are posting on is highly ranked and gets lots of traffic. You can post on certain forums that aren’t relative to your niche, but that are ranked high in Google and receive plenty of traffic. That is one place to get some high quality links, but you need to naturally also put the spotlight on top quality forums that are in your niche. Try a search online for forums that are relevant to your internet site, check their rankings, and post on the ones that are high-quality.

2. Do not spam. This is the number one rule in all forums but many folks continue doing it anyway. Spamming will either get you kicked out of the forum, and it’ll actually not compel anybody to click your link to go to your site, which is the whole purpose of posting on a forum right off the bat. Make your comments relevant to the topic and informative if you’ve an answer to a question. Otherwise, you can ask a question too.

3. Fill out your profile. All forums allow you to finish a profile which gives more information about you, your website, your business, and why it is that you’re taking part. Fill out the profile as completely as you can, and be sure to include a photograph.

As mentioned earlier, you can automate your forum link building with certain tools if you should choose to do so. There are link building services that can make a profile for you, post comments that you have pre-programmed or that the service has helped you develop, make a signature with your link, and more.

Like all tools that automate marketing, link building services only run well if their customers are satisfied, so if you can find a service or tool that’s been about for some time, it is a pretty safe bet that it works really well. If it did not, it would not last long. Services that do this kind of posting for you’ll have trained or experienced personnel that understand the bits and bobs of link building and what sorts of posts will get you traffic.

You should be posting information that is helpful, that will bring in focused hits, and you should be posting in the best places. This can be done yourself or hire someone to do it for you. The good thing about having a service is that they will even follow up with your posts and answer on your behalf. And they even create threads that are important, rather than just posting in already existing threads, and this is forum link building made straightforward.

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