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Flash Versus JQuery: Who Will Dominate The Online Battlefield?

With stiff competition currently pervading the global business context, various business entities are becoming more and more aware of the need to defy the limits of marketing. Today, widening audience reach is no longer just a pragmatic promotional strategy, it is already a growing necessity.

Robust knowledge concerning the critical elements of web design and development is required to guarantee a successful marketing endeavour on the Internet platform. When you equip yourself with a careful mesh of adequate planning and conscientious decision-making, then you have bigger chances of attaining success.

Perhaps one of the most common issues in the web community that you must know is the infamous rivalry between jQuery and Flash. Although these two showcase distinction in their own right, web analysts cannot help but compare and contrast these two platforms in two areas of concern: web design and SEO. Although flash holds a vast array of features that jQuery cannot seem to handle, most IT professionals and web experts still prefer the flexibility of Javascript.

Many web analysts concur that the limited competency of Flash involves its ability to put emphasis on rich media applications, particularly 3d animation and vector art. Despite this undeniable knack for heavy media, Flash fares awfully in compatibility. Flash-based website designs normally take longer to load and encounter compatibility difficulties. Unlike the limited compatibility of Flash, Javascript framework, on the other hand, creates pages that are supported in several types of browsers as well as the browsers of iPhones and other mobile phones.

Contrasting both platforms for SEO Internet marketing, many experts agree that jQuery does better than Flash. Because flash-based websites are not really text-friendly, it’s more difficult for online marketers to optimise web pages using value based SEO content. When using Flash, there isn’t a good room for keywords and keyword phrases. Web programmers can take advantage of several jQuery plug-ins to make web pages not only crawlable but also search engine friendly.

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