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Finding The Cheap Clicks

As anybody who uses Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising in their marketing campaign knows, obtaining your ad copy on the front page of a search results listing is becoming much more expensive by the day. It’s a new phenomenon known as ‘keyword fatigue’, and it is down to the overwhelming good results of programs like Google’s AdWords. As more and much more advertisers realise the advantages of this type of traffic generation, so the amount of individuals bidding for the same keywords increases, and also the bid costs climb accordingly. Great news if you’re a publisher taking a cut from the revenue, but not so welcome for those performing the bidding.

So are the days of 5 cents a click now just a distant memory? Not at all, you will find hundreds of thousands if not millions of keyword phrases available for minimum price, all it takes is a small much more work to make use of them. To know how this can be carried out, with Google AdWords in specific, it’s initial essential to know how ad positions are determined.

Google’s PPC plan, like their core search engine, places a great deal of emphasis on advertisment relevance. When a web surfer kinds key phrases in to the search box, Google wants the ad that most closely matches that phrase to be shown nearest the leading of the list – not just the ad bidding the highest amount of money. It mutiplies bid cost by keyword relevance, and that means that by cautious choice of your keywords, it is possible to become placed above competitors and pay only 1 cent more than they’re (Google doesn’t necessarily charge the maxium quantity you bid, only sufficient to put you ahead). You will find three easy ways you are able to trump your competitors with your keyword choice:

Longer phrases. There are massive numbers of individuals bidding on a loose term like “mortgage broker”, but fewer individuals bidding on a tighter phrase like “mortgage broker in texas”. If a searcher kinds “mortgage broker in texas” into Google, and you’ve that phrase inside your keyword list, your ad will probably be deemed more relevant than anybody just using “mortgage broker” in their very own list – which means a cheaper click for you! Of course, there are fewer searches for mortgage brokers specifically in Texas than for mortgage brokers generally, so it is necessary to build a large list of similar keyphrases targetting many places.

Closer matching. Just because you may type “in car satellite radio” into Google, doesn’t mean every surfer will do exactly the same. Somebody else searching for exactly the same thing might nicely enter “satellite radio in car”, or “radio in vehicle satellite”, and so on. In case your ad contains each variation, it might trump a competing ad which lists only the first example. In other words, having just the key phrases inside your list isn’t necessarily sufficient – having them within the same order a searcher enters them will give your ad a much better relevance score.

The final (Google specific) technique would be to make sure which you wrap each keyword or keyphrase in each quotes and brackets. Once more, this indicates that if someone enters an exact term you have listed, your ad will beat a competing ad which has the same term but with out the brackets or quotes.

Clearly, building keyword lists in this way may be much more time consuming than simply selecting a couple of generic words that describe your product or service, but free tools such as those can make the process much quicker than doing it manually. Cheap keyphrases are nonetheless there for the taking, the winners in PPC now will probably be those that put within the work to catch them.

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