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Finding Customers Via Facebook

Being the world’s busiest site, Facebook holds an almost limitless number of people. It starts with a simple post, like, comment and has grown to have powerful tools that can be used not only for entertainment but for business as well. With a population of 1.06 billion by the end of 2012, Facebook is indeed a great asset for many companies. Whether it is for entertainment or different kinds of business, once you have come up with something viral, expect for an overwhelming amount of public followers and likers. Mastering the different features of Facebook and teaming it up with unique and effective strategies can create strong customer base and generate more sales for the business.

Facebook Fans for Sale

The active accounts in Facebook would seem like an endless list and going through it all will take years. You can approach your potential customers but you have to obtain their names first. However, there is an easier way to get individual Facebook users to like and become fans of your page which can increase the exposure of your business. The first thing that you need to have is an Official Facebook account or page for the business. Make sure that you have included all the details such as location, services, photos and several contact information. You can also add the history or just a small description about your company.

Identify the type of consumers who are most likely to buy your products. After that, enter their demographic details by choosing the sex, age, status and other important variables. When you are done with the details of your target market, you can now start selecting between different social networking companies that sell fans. Some of those are FacebookFans, SocialKik and uSocial Facebook Marketing. Review their background, reviews, included services, number of fans involved and prices. Again, you will have to select your target consumer market so that you will be given the chunk of fans that you are looking for. After that, start uploading pictures, set-up the necessary links, prepare the payment methods, monitor the sales and prepare yourself for consumer interactions.

Building up the Customer Base

Buying a block of Facebook fans should not be the last effort that you have to do in order to gain potential buyers of your product. The fans you have bought are just your start-up fans and you would need to multiply them for a bigger base and a bigger chance to improve your sales and revenue. Make use of these start-up fans to gather more fans for you. You can post a promotion wherein you can give away freebies to some randomly chosen fans who would like your page, follow your Official account and share the picture. This guarantees a great boost in the number of your fans which will greatly affect your income.

Engaging or interacting with the community is also a good way to maintain and build your customer base. Constantly update your fans about the business, ask questions, play games and reward lucky likers and sharers of the promo. By being consistent, friends of your customers or fans might join, contribute and probably buy some of your products. Ask your friends or followers from other social networking sites such as Twitter to like or be a fan of your Facebook page so that they will add up to the numbers. Maintain and visit your page frequently and start counting big.

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