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Ezine Publishing seven Suggestions

Swap ads.

Start your ad off having a successful headline which will catch your reader’s attention.

Then follow up your headline with ad copy that interests and leads your reader to want to join you.

Tension the benefits your reader will get from her subscription to your ezine.

Lastly, finish your ad with a call to action that directs your reader to join your ezine. For example, by sending an e-mail to your autoresponder or going to your subscription page.

Swap a recommendation within your ezine.

Do you realize an ezine that would benefit your subscribers?

Let your readers know about inside your ezine (i.e., inside your publisher’s note) in exchange for that publisher’s plug of your ezine.

By doing this swap, you will be able to capitalize on the other ezine publisher’s reputation with her readers, and successfully acquire much more new subs simply because of her “thumbs up”.

Swap on your thank you page.

Make good utilization of your thank you web page by utilizing it to swap an ad or recommendation for the ezine.

You could also use your thanks web page to advertise a special sale on advertising inside your ezine or on your product.

Swap a recommendation in your welcome message.

Like together with your thanks web page recommendation swaps, make certain another ezine doesn’t compete directly along with you, and that you realize it provides quality info to it’s readers.

Swap testimonials/endorsements.

Testimonials help reinforce the message that your ezine provides valuable content.

They also help to increase your ezine’s credibility as your guests see how your ezine has benefited other people.

Swap articles.

You could swap posts to become printed in each others’ ezines or you could swap articles to be posted on every others’ websites or in every others’ ebooks.

Run a suggested ezine’s section in each problem.

An additional way which you could get ongoing promotion of your ezine would be to run a suggested ezines section in each issue.

Merely, joint venture with some option, targeted ezines, then location their advertisements in this section in exchange for them performing the same for you and one another.

Limit the number of ezines you do that swap with to ensure that you’ll be in a position to minimize the competition in between advertisements.

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