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Dot Com Secrets Review

Are you up for a challenge? Internet millionaire, Russell Brunson is looking for his next success story in his Dot Com Secrets home study course. He’s going to be working with a small group of people in helping them on a path to finally make money on the internet.

Russell has 5 main goals for Dot Com Secrets:

  • Help 100,000 people make their first $100
  • Help 10,000 people Fire their boss
  • Help 1,000 people make 6 figures a year
  • Help 100 people become millionaires

These are some huge goals that Russell has and honestly, so far, he’s been making some consistent progress.

He’s created hundreds of success stories from ordinary people that lived ordinary lives. In which they now make a full time living entirely online thanks to Dot Com Secrets.

With such a big mission and the confidence in knowing that this system works, Russell took this $5,000 coaching program, simplified and improved it, and decided to do the unthinkable. He decided to give it away for $1…

So if you’re ready, you can join Dot Com Secrets for $1 and take the 30 day challenge. Once you  sign up, you will be getting a short 10-15 minute video from Russell Brunson every day, for the next 30 days. During this time, he’s going to give you one task to do that will take you about 30 minutes to complete.

I’ve taken the 30 day challenge as of 4 days ago and what I can tell you is that the first few days may not make a whole lot of sense to you. Especially if you’re new, but as you continue to stick with the plan each day, everything will start to come together and make total sense.

So during the Dot Com Secrets challenge, you’re going to learn…

  • 1st- How to build a list
  • 2nd- How to build it fast
  • 3rd- How to use that list to make money

Sounds simple enough right? Believe it or not, its very simple, but so many people complicate it which is why they struggle to make money.

Dot Com Secrets,  gives you the easy button.

They make sure you have the necessary tools to build your business online the right way. So instead of focusing on the ‘techy’ stuff of building websites, creating products from scratch and all that other stuff, they’re actually going to be giving you squeeze page templates, multiple offers that you can sell to your list as well as a list of some secret resources that will get you free traffic to those offers.

When I was an athlete in school, we always had to do a combination of distance running and sprints during preseason. I always dreaded the distance running because it took too long to finish. I loved sprints because they were fast. Just like in business, I like shortcuts and speed. So with Dot Com Secrets, you will not have to go through a marathon. You’re going to get the shortcuts to where you wanna be. To me, that sounds a lot better than running around for a long period of time.

Now, if you follow the exact plan that Russell gives for the next 30 days and you are not making any money, you can cancel with no strings attached and not pay a dime. Dot Com Secrets has made a commitment to help you make money online so if you’re 30 days is up, and you feel that the course was valuable, you can join for a low monthly cost.

To find out more information, visit here: Dot Com Secrets

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