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Creating Your Business Page For Facebook

How Do Facebook Business Pages Work?

When businesses approach the social media platform of Facebook there is often some confusion. To put it simply, pages are created for the business brand while profiles are for the individuals.

Profiles are meant for the individual

Profiles are most commonly set up for individual use. People create a network of peers from old friends to work associates by using their profile. They also use it for the purpose of self expression by allowing people to learn about their various tastes in pop culture. This may come from being a fan of a particular book, or joining a group that loves a certain type of music. They will even let their peers know if they are in a relationship or single.

Separating profiles from business

It is ill advised for companies to use a profile at this stage in Facebook’s development. In fact, they can send a mixed message to potential customers. Even worse, Facebook has a tendency to frown upon a corporate profile doing too much heavy advertising.

Friends and fans explained

Business owners are sometimes confused about the difference between fans and friends. A company’s brand doesn’t have friends simply because it isn’t a person. It won’t acquire new friends, or have favourite books. The brand is for the purpose of gaining followers as fans. These fans will then discuss various topics about the business and the industry as a whole.

Facebook is the preferred social site recently polled 3000 different companies about their preferred method of interacting with their customers. An alarming 83% had suggested Facebook was the best place for this to happen. It may not have started off this way, but it certainly is today.

People use groups

Groups were created to get people that share the same interests to rally around a certain idea. In theory, it was a good idea. However, these groups have lost a lot of their effectiveness as any Facebook user has probably got quite a few of them collecting dust on their own profiles. These are not the best methods to get the branding messages out.

Pages are for branding purposes

Once the business has properly set up their Facebook page, the trick is to get content flowing to it from several different resources to make the page look nice and full. One common mistake businesses make is trying too hard to mimic their website. The snippet should be short and powerful on the Facebook page. It can include twitter feeds, offers, and should have some good conversation starters to get the activity flowing.

Profile to page transition

Sometimes companies have a profile they need to get converted over to a page without losing their sensitive data. If the company will ask Facebook, they’ll often help out with this transition or even do it for them. This ensures that contacts, and any other sensitive data gets moved over to the proper place.

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