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These recycled shipping containers double as intensive care units

COVID-19’s rapid spread has strained hospital resources across the globe. Personal protective equipment isn’t being manufactured quickly enough to keep up with demand, and emergency wings are being forced to prioritize high-risk patients while sending milder cases home. While some hospitals are erecting temporary tents to receive more patients, […]

Corporate America must learn to innovate frugally to get through the coronavirus crisis

As hospitals grapple with a shortage of masks and ventilators in their fight against COVID-19, creative solutions are emerging worldwide. MIT researchers have invented an open-source, low-cost ventilator that could be built for just $100 , compared to the $30,000 commercial ventilator. Maker’s Asylum, a makerspace in Mumbai, has […]

People are starting to declare bankruptcy from coronavirus—but it’s often impossible to do while distancing

As unemployment claims soar because of the coronavirus—especially in the service industry, and in other jobs where working remotely is impossible— Upsolve , a startup nonprofit that offers a free online tool to help people declare bankruptcy, is beginning to see its first users citing the coronavirus as the […]

Editor’s pick: We’ve been living in these Everlane leggings while working from home. Now they’re on sale

There are silver linings to working from home—including the diversity it’s encouraging , the better air quality from decreased travel, the increased productivity companies and brands that are working remotely are experiencing, and the opportunity to just be comfortable. Not to say that being able to wear leggings while […]

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