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Robo-Friends: The Emotional Distance Between Humans And Robots Is Shrinking

Roombas are basically extremely smart vacuum cleaners, but to some owners they start to feel like pets or friends–a phenomenon investigated by one of my favorite accounts on Twitter, @SelfAwareROOMBA , where you can follow the philosophical, dramatic, and mundane musings of the eponymous device. As more advanced robots […]

An Amazing Thing Happened When These Kids Were Asked To Draw Their Grandparents

In this youth-obsessed culture, seniors are too often depicted as dependent and past their prime, sidelined to make way for the shiny and new. Design Academy Eindhoven student Yoni Lefevre set out to challenge such prejudice through grandchildren’s hilarious, fantastical drawings of their grandparents. “We’re living in an aging […]

The Many Reasons Long Hours Are Awful For You, Your Work, And Your Clients

To designer Jason James, long hours are several sorts of awful: they effectively make us work for free, they set unreasonable and unsustainable expectations, they evidence cultural problems, they evidence project management issues, they indicate weak leadership, they have a high opportunity cost, they promote martyrdom, and they don’t […]

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