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29Prime: Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the latest way to market to an audience. Small business owners all over the nation are searching for innovative ways to market to a vast audience. SEO is a brilliant avenue because it allows thousands of people to learn about a business with a few simple clicks. More and more business owners are turning to search engine optimization as they learn about it.

29Prime: Yelp Joins The Apple’s Maps App

Arguably, Yelp is the most popular review-based website on the Internet. It currently has thousands upon thousands of consumer-based reviews on hair salons, plumbers, florists, doctors, and even colleges. Whatever services you need, there is most likely a Yelp review that can help you with your choice. Consumers use Yelp on a daily basis for feedback from past customers that have used certain businesses.

29Prime: Protect Your Business Brand Online

When it comes to online reputation, business owners must always be at the top of their game. Your brand and your name are very important when it comes to the success of your business. Any potential customers can go onto a search engine and type the name of your business into it. There could be both good and bad reviews about your business. As a business owner, you must do everything you possibly can to protect your brand name. Usually, this means tidying up your social media sites.

29 Prime Review: New Marketing Strategies

Unfortunately, we are all victims of routine. It shows in everything we do, especially in the way we communicate with one another. Maintaining the same marketing strategy can bring consistency to your message. However, it can also become ineffective or quite boring. If you aren’t using the most current marketing strategies, you could be losing customers. So how do you update your marketing strategy? This is a question that many business owners have pondered.

Traditional and Local SEO

Search Engine Optimization. Those three words can be a bit overwhelming when you first read them. However, once you read a bit about SEO and what it can do, it is quite simple to understand. SEO is something that all business owners should consider when expanding their business online. It has the power to transform the way a business markets to consumers and has the potential to bring in a massive amount of new customers.

Small Businesses Benefit From SEO

Across the nation, millions of small business owners are constantly searching for innovative ways to advertise their business. The fall of the economy has caused business owners to re-evaluate their marketing practices. Search Engine Optimization offers small business owners the chance to expand who they market to.

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