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Why Market research is interesting

Market research is the new tool for internet marketing consultants, or not so new. One of the main issues faced by a Web Selling Advisor is a lack of information and shortage of planning and a result you will find large blunders frequently happen with serious results for the work that has to be developed. You must identify needed Markets, especially when organizing a Digital Marketing Plan or Social Media.

Targets in web marketing: Personas

When we develop a Marketing plan, we wish to know who are the people we wish to do actions in our website. The rationale is extremely simple: if we develop a site about dolphins we'd really like to be visited by people that love dolphins or Oceans, or aquatic life, not by people who are not interested about them.

G+, LinkedIn and roi

Some of us had a quetion in Digital marketing: What is the better, S.E.O or social media? Then, the social media and our efforts in Internet-based Marketing are the answer.

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