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Article Analysis With Regards to Panda and Penguin

Rapid SEO Expert has just released another article for the benefit of the SEO local community. This time around, Shane Walker, Chief Executive Officer of Rapid SEO Expert, is describing the big picture with regards to the detrimental effects of Google’s Panda and Penguin updates. As of June 25, 2012, Google has introduced its latest Panda update. Nevertheless, it only afflicted 1% of the whole online websites registered under Google. The great thing is that Rapid SEO Expert wasn’t affected by such hazards or warnings made by Google administration. This is due to Shane’s visionary approaches making his internet site and the websites of his clientele Panda and Penguin resistant.

Shane also brought up that there is still a great deal of frustration among online marketers with regards to the particular effects of Panda and Penguin updates. In order to clear misunderstandings, Shane outlined the real difference of both. In accordance with Shane, Panda is a type of algorithm that focuses on the quality of on-page optimisation variables such as written content, search phrases used, and internal linking. Alternatively, Penguin checks out the off-page optimisation characteristics each and every website. Particularly, this refers back to the linking structure, link variety, and the frequency utilization of the anchor texts or keywords and phrases that you’d like to rank for.

To help you verify and evaluate your link selection, Shane highlights a website program,, managed by his precious friend and SEO colleague, Dori Friend. The incredible thing about this website instrument is that it is provided for free. All you need to do is to apply for a free account and simply put your website domain. This is a very good way to moderate your link circulation. In general, this tool will enable you to prevent the negative effects caused by Penguin Penguin.

When experiencing Google slaps, panic or anxiety is not an option. Make progress and think of strategies that can save you. But if you undoubtedly do not have an idea to treat this problem, you can always confer with the likes of Shane Walker. Feel free to make inquiries as there are moments that you cannot solve your problem on your own.

To find out distinct Panda and Penguin proof strategies, just check out this video clip by going to

Shane Walker is the sole owner of Rapid SEO Expert. As an SEO strategist, Shane wishes to share his SEO tips to websites that are having a tough time recovering from the Pand and Penguin effect. Throughout the years, clients of Shane were satisified with his great SEO ideologies and beliefs. To know more about what Shane brings to the SEO table, just go to

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