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Are Your Website SEO Efforts No Longer Having an Effect?

Online marketers and web owners are continuously striving to reach the illusive ‘number one spot’ on the search engine rankings. Earning recognition from search engines like Google and Yahoo can be a long and difficulty battle.

Page one is the only place you want your site to be. It is very rare that search engine users look beyond page one. You most likely know from your own experience that it is very unlikely to look beyond results 5 or 6, let alone looking on page 2 or beyond.

The key to successful SEO (search engine optimization) is to think like your customer. You know what they’re searching for, and you know you want to be their first choice. Your internet marketing should be aimed at gaining better rankings for popular search terms, which can take a lot of time and effort.

Never has it been more essential to have good website content in order to achieve good rankings. Link building has long been the sole online marketing strategy for online marketers. Due to Google’s algorithm adjustments, this tactic may now be hurting your website’s rankings if it has not been done in a natural way.

Google are continually trying to punish unlawful methods of gaining search engine rankings by introducing such changes in their algorithm. This is spammy, overly optimized web pages and websites. Search engines like Google have always been against websites which buy backlinks, however, even now the most above board online marketing efforts are being penalised.

If your website is optimised to within an inch of its life then sooner or later it is going to be dropped from the search engine results. Many website have been affected by Google’s changes. Once penalised, all your web marketing efforts will have been for nothing. If your online marketing efforts were all above board though, why has your site fallen foul to the latest updates.

One of the main offences is keyword stuffing. Google may conceive this as an attempt to cheat the system. The problem for web owners comes however, when not every page on the website is seen as ‘over-optimized’. Unfortunately, it is likely that the whole website will be penalised and be lost from the search results.

If your site has been hit what do you do next? The easiest thing you can do is check your keyword density on every page. See how many times keywords appear in the onpage content and also the meta data. Rewrite your content if you find the keyword density to be over 3%.

Most importantly, don’t panic. Google is rolling out changes all the time and as you make day-to-day changes, your website may gradually bounce back. If it’s all getting a bit much for you, then a online marketing company will have the expertise and experience to steer your site back into the rankings.

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