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Are All Of The Changes On Facebook Positive?

How often do you go on Facebook? I’m sure it’s nearly every day. It used to be that you only used Facebook for personal reasons, but now it’s becoming relevant for school and work too. There have been so many changes to this social media site in the past few years, but I’m not so sure this is a good thing. There has been developments in apps that individuals and businesses can take advantage of. They’ve introduced the Facebook timeline, which hasn’t gone over well. So there have been both good and bad things. But overall, do we think that change has been positive for Facebook?

There was a lot of hype about a month ago regarding Zuckerberg’s choice of apparel – the hoodie. People were ripping him apart saying that it was unprofessional and he was trying to be cocky. But there’s another side to this; maybe he was trying to send us a message. He wanted to remind us of the beauty of how Facebook began. It’s about remembering why we love social media and why we count on it to support our brand and our company. One company that counts on Facebook is Fishbat. We need to remember that Zuckerberg wants his social media site to be unique and stand for something more than just money.

A lot of people have also been talking about the Facebook IPO. We’re all so concerned with how much money Facebook will make as a result. And now that it’s happened, we’re all pretty disappointed with the result. Why are we all so consumed with the money? We’re forgetting all about the reason Facebook was created. We’re forgetting that we’re supposed to be using it to better ourselves and our businesses. Stop thinking all about the money and start taking advantage of all that Facebook has to offer.

Some of the changes that Facebook has made are definitely causing some hesitation about whether or not Facebook has “lost its way.” It’s becoming more and more business friendly, but is that detrimental to the everyday user? I know Zuckerberg is trying to stay true to his vision for Facebook, but it seems like he might be veering away from it. In my opinion, Facebook hasn’t gone downhill yet, but it could happen soon if some of the changes become too focused on businesses. If you want to find out more about the changes Facebook has made, click here.

Most people know something about what is going on with Facebook in the news. They’ve probably heard about Zuckerberg’s hoodie, or the IPO, or some other changes to the social media site. In the end, change can definitely be a positive thing for Facebook, if the changes are thought out and the consequences are considered. Zuckerberg needs to remember that his social media site serves both businesses and individuals, and they both need to be accounted for when Facebook makes changes.

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