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Advertising in internet: how and where

We have seen in recent times the Web boom and the global commercial crisis have shifted the global advertising market.

Systems that two years back were at the top, are now outmoded and in the rubbish because the market has changed, and has changed significantly. Textbooks need to be redone and professionals adjust to a market that's simply revolutionary.

The leaders: The United Kingdom and United States

It is understood that information from the U.S. And UK have two figures in terms of ad spending online, being 2 countries where a high developed Net use is well-known.

In the UK a four-pound advertising is designed to Digitally Based Media, being the leader in Europe and in the world in this area.

The distribution of the ad spending pie has net and a top job, and can not be discarded by any established company, but medium or little, investment in social networks, sites, links or advertising on mobile web.

Internet Marketing in Spain

This reality has journey to Spain, not only huge urban areas like Madrid, Alicante or Seville, but medium-sized cities like Leon, where elements like Net advertising has to be converted shortly into a mainstay of the strategy of any company, massive, medium or little. Advertising isn’t as a Safari in Tanzania, but this is also a fight in the jungle.

Net is right now widely used, and buying tips are changing. Let’s research why old school advertising methods don’t go on in the Internet age.

Web-based Marketing changed everything, chages everything, and will change everything.

Advertising in traditional media: everything drops

The future is here, advertising marketing arrived, and when folk is promoting a business in journals, TV or radio, they can not control what percentage of their clients come from these ads.

The most recent wave of September 2011 has shown enormously serious information for Spain. Zenith watch claims ad spending in the Spanish State will fall 2.3% in 2011, reaching 1999 levels.

Abel Pardo is Professor of Posicionamiento SEO and Marketing

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