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A Simple Explanation of SEO or Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO or search engine optimization? That question plays in the minds of many people, especially those who don’t fully understand its ins and outs. If you visit, you’ll find an in-depth explanation of what SEO is all about, as well as what its purpose is. Nevertheless, for people who consider the topic of SEO as something complex, this article would give you a concise explanation of SEO.

The fact is SEO is a lot simpler than you think or what others would lead you to believe. If someone tells you that it’s complicated, then perhaps that person is the one who doesn’t know what SEO is and what it’s not. In the simplest of terms, SEO is a marketing technique that lands websites in search engines and allows these same websites to rank better than others do. Reading, you’ll see that SEO helps lead people who use search engines to explore and browse the Internet to your website.

Hence, SEO is very crucial for webmasters and people who own online businesses. That’s because these people rely on traffic to gauge the performance of their websites. Moreover, landing on the pages of search engines means that a particular website is authoritative and relevant. Actually, that’s how the most popular of all search engines, Google, does it. It displays sites it believes are worth sharing to people. Google (and other search engines, too) measures the relevance of a website by “crawling” or analyzing a website.

How can Google gauge a site’s authority? Taking as an example, Google will analyze or “crawl” through the contents of the website. It would determine whether the content is worth reading and gauge the authority of the page based on the amount of links going back to the page. These links come from other websites scattered all over the Internet. These links are similar to votes. If a particular website has several other websites linking back to it, it’s pretty much the same as securing votes from these websites. Obviously, the quality of the content figures a lot, too.

How does a page like rank in Google or other search engines for that matter? Well, two things spell the difference: quality links and awesome content, and if a website has both, it would be successful. We go back to the root of SEO. It’s a method to ensure that people could search or locate specific websites on the Internet by using relevant keywords or keyword phrases. By writing quality content that makes use of words and phrases relevant to the website’s niche, a website is ranking itself up on search engines. While link building is important, quality content is always tops since this is the information that people are looking for. If a website owner keeps doing these two, the website will rank high in and be fully optimized for search engines.

If you were the owner of one or several websites, your main goal would be to make these websites rank in search engines. You can visit for an in-depth and comprehensive explanation of what SEO or search engine optimization is and how it can help your website.

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