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7 Tips to Make Your Landing Page Copy Works for You

There are a lot of landing pages that don’t convert well out there. You might have similar result with your landing page. You’ve written your landing as best as you can, but the conversion is not too good. The truth is that your landing page won’t work unless you make it work for you. Here are 7 tips to make your landing page copy works for you:

1. Make a clear offer

What you offer in your landing page must be clear for your audience. You shouldn’t make your audience confused about your offer. What is it that you want your audience to do and what will they get? Those are important things that must be included in your landing page copy.

2. Present the problem

You need to make your audience aware of their problem. That’s because people who don’t know or aware about their problem will not likely want to buy a product to solve their problem. By making people aware about their problem, you’re one step closer to persuade your audience successfully. Make people know about their problem and the consequences they will have for ignoring the problem.

3. Raise your audience’s emotion

This strategy is effective to persuade people with severe problem. It’s the way you raise their emotion that will help to generate your sales. People will be more willing to buy a product when they’re emotional. That’s why it’s your job to make them emotional when they read your landing page copy.

4. Lead your audience to the best solution

Once you’re able to present the problem and raise their emotion, it will be the best timing for you to lead your audience to the best solution that you have. Remember that you need to present the best solution for them, not mediocre one. Certainly, people want to solve their problem in the most effective way possible. So, a mediocre product will not convince them to buy.

5. Break any resistance

Of course, people won’t just buy your product after reading your copy. They will have resistance in their mind that you need to break. That’s because when you let their resistance to win them, you’ll lose sales. That’s why you need to address any concerns about your offer before finishing your landing page copy.

6. Question and answer

It will be a good strategy to put question and answer section in your landing page copy. This is a good way to convince your audience further. Basically, a question and answer will help your audience to understand more about your offer as well as the benefit for them. Don’t miss this step.

7. Your own story

The last thing is to add your own story in your landing page copy. If you’re promoting an affiliate product, why not write your story of success on using that product? It will act like a testimonial from you, and it will surely boost your conversion rate.

Those are 7 tips to make your landing page copy works for you. When you follow the tips above step by step, you’ll make a better copy that will convert more audience into customers.

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