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5 tips to maximize your Facebook presence

5 tips to maximize your Facebook presence

Author: Rhess

With close to 800,000,000 (and growing daily) users on Facebook – both businesses and individuals – being “part of the conversation” is becoming more and more important! If, for some reason you still haven’t jumped into the Facebook and social media fray, you’re missing out; chances are your competition is making their presence known.  If you do have a Facebook presence are you making the best use of your time there?

Here are tips you can implement to immediately get your business known on Facebook, interact with current and potential clients and become known as the expert in your particular field:

  1. Don’t take the time to set up a Facebook page (and it will take less than 30 minutes in most cases) if you’re not going to properly manage it. If you’re not going to spread the word about your Facebook page and look for followers and likers for the page, it will not do you any good. Take time to announce your Facebook presence by using a link on all of your emails. Point out to everyone you email that your business now has a Facebook page. When clients call the office, tell them about it and ask them to follow you. Entice new followers through the use of coupons or other items to thank them for following your business. Put the Facebook link on your brochures, flyers and newsletters. Incorporate your Facebook link onto your return address for all mail that goes out of your office even if you simply write, “Follow us on Facebook (followed by the page name). Put a Facebook link on your website.
  2. Don’t use your Facebook page to only be selling your goods and services. Your clients know what you do and you don’t want potential clients to only see commercials in their Facebook feeds. You will certainly want to let followers know what your company is up to but don’t bombard your status updates with sales pitches only.   
  3. Ask employees or office staff for input on status updates. They may have more of an inside track as to what your clients are talking about and asking. Post status updates that start conversations, answer questions that clients have posed or offer hints and tips to address pain points your clients have raised. Recruit a staff member to be add a guest post once a week and make certain they are prepared to respond to the comments their status updates may garner. Remember that Facebook is called social media because those who post want the conversation.
  4. Why do you want a Facebook page? Just because the competition has one is not a good enough reason. You should have a Facebook page because you’re committed to interacting with clients and potential clients. Your Facebook page is a way to set yourself apart from the competition and to become known as the leader in your industry. Clients will turn to you if they know you are reliable and answer their questions when they ask.
  5. Don’t build a Facebook page if you’re not going to be consistent with status updates. Even if you only plan to update the page once a day on weekdays, that’s a great start – although with social media – more is usually better. If clients come to your page a couple of days in a row and there has been no activity, they will likely move onto another business owner in the area that is consistent in his or her status updates. Also make certain to update your status at a time when your potential clients are online – ie don’t post at midnight if your clients are likely online from 9-5.

Social media is a great way to spread the word about who you are, what you do, and what sets you apart from the competition. Other than the time spent on the status updates, Facebook and other social media are low-cost and even no-cost ways to enhance your current marketing. Keep in mind that your social media should work hand in hand with your other marketing efforts.

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