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4 of the Most Creative Social Media Campaigns Ever

Social media has gained a lot of buzz for being a great marketing tactic for businesses of all sizes. Some companies have joined the networks without seeing much success, and others have catapulted their businesses simply by joining one or two.

In order for businesses to find success on social media, they need to create fun and engaging campaigns that will not only attract the right audience, but help the company stand out from their competition and keep their fans and followers coming back for more.

There are millions of social media campaigns created every year, and the following are four of the best.

Artist sketches for followers.

Greg Burney, an artist, wanted to show off his talent via Twitter and needed a way to get more followers. Instead of asking for followers or harassing people, Burney got creative. He combined his talent with his need for followers and offered to sketch the first 3,000 fans he received. Burney started with 70 followers, and within one day, he had received over 2,000 followers. This tactic was so successful because he not only increased his following, but he did it in a way where he could show off his talents and truly make a name for himself.

Wendy’s game show produces over 30,000 new followers.

It seems like Wendy’s is changing their marketing strategy every month, but if it worked like their Twitter campaign, we don’t blame them. In an effort to generate buzz about their food chain, Wendy’s used the handle @GirlBehindSix (an open number on Wendy’s menu) and created a social media game show via Twitter. With the handle, Wendy’s held random contests, everything from asking followers to send in certain pictures or providing their branding ideas, for a chance to win prizes. In just one month, Wendy’s following increased by 30,000, and they didn’t use any advertising to promote it.


Healthy Choice attracts fans with creative coupon.

Everyone likes to receive a coupon for their favorite items, but Healthy Choice made a social media impact that involved a creative use of coupons. Initially, Healthy Choice placed a coupon on their Facebook page that their fans would receive once they “liked” the page. The unique thing, though, was that every time their fan base grew significantly, the value of the coupon would also raise, tapping out at a Buy One Get One Free value. In less than three weeks, Healthy Choice gained 53,000 more fans. But what’s most impressive is that of these new fans, over 60% of them also signed up to receive the Healthy Choice newsletter.

Belling earns conversations with recipes.

Belling is a smaller kitchen appliance manufacturer in the UK. In order to generate some social media buzz, the company decided to produce a recipe book composed of crowdsourced materials. So they reached out to their following and asked them to provide Belling with their favorite recipes in 140 characters or less. Over 200 recipes were provided, and Belling chose 50 to be in their Tweet Pie “twecipe” book.

When you make a creative social media campaign like these four businesses, you will easily find success.

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