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4 facts for using Klout

Klout matters, it's a fact

Klout is, today, one of the best resources that a Digital Marketing advisor can fin in the web. It measures your activity in Social network additionally , helps you to develop your daily “must” actions, share with other people resources, Problems or info and compare your results with your mates or competency: Marketing is the king.

Some reasons for using Klout

1.- It helps you to manipulate your activity and engagement in Social Media

Internet has an enormous chance: everything can and must be tracked. Klout provides us with a numeric information, Kloutscore, to substantiate a scale and compare ourselves with others.

2.- Test yourself in LinkedIn or facebook

Did you know your abilities in Social Media? Klout will help you to understand your position in social networks like LinkedIn or Twitter as a guide for knowing plenty of things about yourself.

3.- Are you topical or classic?

Kloutoffer us a section that shows us where are we topical. This characteristic is vital for knowing if our influence is related to the area where we would like to be a reference. Are we good in Selling or Farmville? Obviously that isn't the same.

4.- If we are active, we’ll gain support

Klout is data, so we should use all the benefits Kloutscore offers. One of the benefits of Klout is this toolpermits totrack our own activity not just with a number, but we are able to know how important are our fans, if we are or not engaging with our fans in twitter or if the “I like it” we get in Facebook decrease or increase.

Google+ is a plus

Somebody like Google +, someone hate Google+, but Google+ is among the best social networks for gaining points with Google and yes, Klout takes it in count. Using Google+ we’ll improve our SEO.

Abel Pardo is Professor of Marketing and Posicionamiento en Internet at the University of Leon

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