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2013’s Hottest Web Design Styles

In recent years there has been a massive boost in new web development techniques (see graphic design for websites). This post delves into eight design trends for 2013.

Receptive Layouts

Responsive websites are typically considered to cater towards mobile browsers, but that does not have to be their only purpose. You may have a responsive website too, this also helps to add brilliant illustrations and graphics to the structure.

The Fixed Header Bar

Fixed headers are so interesting because they can work on nearly every website. This includes social networks, blogs, and even design studios or private companies. The design is contemporary and suits most layouts. This bar also offers an exceptional user experience without needing to look far to navigate the website.

Large Photo Backgrounds

Photographers or even fans of photography will definitely enjoy this design trend. It can look great when done properly and is an effective way to capture your visitor’s attention. When blended into your layout, this design technique can provide your website with a major marketing edge.

CSS Transparency

The new CSS3 properties mean you have control to generate transparency in any modern web browser, so you don’t need to use Photoshop!

Minimalist Landing Pages

Creating a landing page online is all about capturing new leads for your product or service. New trends are following the idea of minimalism, so aim to keep your web design clear and concise and put the main focus on your core product (see small business website design packages).

The Social Media Badge

Social media and viral marketing are exploding in many different websites. You can check almost any social community for sharing badges. You can position these badges anywhere in your layout. These are still used actively by readers and fans who want to share content quickly on places like Facebook and Twitter.

Infinite Scrolling

The infinite scrolling technique has really hit mainstream this year and it is likely to continue. Pinterest has adopted this loading technique for their layout and it works beautifully. You can search anything and the results page will continue to load as you scroll down.

The Single-Page Design

There have been many single-page websites since the creation of the Internet. But over the recent years we have seen this trend evolve moreso. They are making use of a single-page layout effectively with content split up by horizontal containers.

Why not consider some of these ideas and think about how they can impact effectively on your website. Find out more here, see

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